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IT strategy development in times of New Work

Modern IT strategy development looks different today than it did 10 or 20 years ago. Not long ago, and strategic thinking was usually the exclusive preserve of senior IT management. Sometimes management consultancies were also tasked with shaping the future of IT. The latter often led to acceptance problems and slow implementation. With a much […]

Die 5 größten Herausforderungen im Management Digitaler Transformationen

Ähnelt Ihr Management der digitalen Transformation einer aneinander Reihung von IT-Projekten oder einem IT Großprojekt? Hm, falls Ja, dann sollten Sie kurz mal innehalten und die nachfolgenden Herausforderungen im Management Digitaler Transformationen sich durchlesen. Falls Nein, dann lohnt sich das Lesen trotzdem. Es gibt nämlich wesentliche Unterschiede zu beachten. Wer eine digitale Transformation steuern möchte, […]

New approaches in the project management of large-scale IT projects

Every IT executive struggles with the implementation of large-scale IT projects. Studies consistently show that two out of three large programmes regularly fail to meet the original budget, miss the schedule and fall short of user goals and expectations after a long period of implementation. Often by a multiple. These lapses are particularly detrimental to […]